Management and Board

We have assembled people with all the skills and qualities needed to propel Itello forwards.
We have built a team in which everyone has specific roles to develop the company, the employees and create financial stability.
This in turn creates business opportunities for our customers, both today and tomorrow.

Johan Ehnbom

Director of Sales and Marketing. Johan has a long experience as a sales person, business developer and consultant in banking and finance. He knows how to meet customer needs with modern system solutions. Contact

Anna Fulke

Director of Professional Services. Anna has worked as a consultant, project and test leader, as well as in various lines of IT and delivery. She is used to helping steering groups and helping clients in large and small projects. Contact

Magnus Grönvik

Responsible for Product Management. Magnus comes from Jeeves Information Systems AB where he was Head of Product Management. During his time as Jeeves Product Manager, he established processes for more efficient product management, as well as the development and launch of new user interfaces, mobility and Jeeves Cloud.

Martin Sandén

Director of Customer Relations. Martin has an extensive experience in banking and insurance, specializing in IT-, product- and business development and possesses great knowledge of our customers' challenges. Contact

Anna Svanberg

Director of Quality Assurance. Anna is responsible for quality assurance of our products. She and her colleagues in testing and support have a daily customer dialogue with users. Contact

Jacob Funck

Director of Research and Development. Jacob is responsible for system design in Inca and for the agile development method permeating our organisation. He is good at arousing enthusiasm among both young and more experienced system developers. Contact

Mats Lillienberg

Managing Director. Mats has many years of experience as a leader in global organizations for IT and Software in Finance, Logistics and Telecom. With the customer at the center, he focuses on delivering high quality products.

Hans von Knorring

Board member. Hans has many years of experience in system development and IT in banking and insurance and was CEO of Itello from 2003 to 2015.

Thomas Bill

Board member. Thomas has held a number of senior positions in the software industry; Global VP Sales and COO of Front Capital Systems, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies, and CEO of Protect Data and Orc Software.

Gustav Lagercrantz

Board member. Gustav has 20 years of experience in the software industry as innovator, entrepreneur, investor and senior executive. Previous positions include founder and CEO of Netstar, COO and VP Sales at EPiServer, founder of Trive and co-founder of Wiraya.

Johan Berg

Board member. Johan has over 30 years of experience from several companies in the software industry. With the experience of the Swedish ERP vendors IBS and Intentia. Johan Berg adds just the right experience and expertise to the board. Johan also has several directorships in companies with similar challenges Itello.

Peter Larsson

Chairman of the Board. Peter has held a number of senior positions in the software industry; CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, and President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies.